The first National Paediatric ADHD Network Meeting took place on Wednesday 28th March 2007 in York, during the spring meeting of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. It was attended by 23 paediatricians from all over UK.  This meeting was arranged to get an opportunity for paediatricians to exchange ideas and share information, who are involved in the care and management of ADHD in children.

The second meeting was held in Reading on 25th September 2007 which was attended by 17 delegates. Currently 61 paediatricians in British Isle have been enrolled into this forum.

The aims and objectives of the forum are to exchange ideas, to increase professional awareness, to liaise with other professional groups, to influence public policy decisions where appropriate, to share information in relation to current issues in providing services to individuals and their families and to improve care and increased awareness of ADHD in children and adolescents.

There is an increasing number of ADHD patients countrywide, highlighting the shortfall in resources and extending waiting times for the new assessments. This situation is posing an extra burden and is causing burn out amongst ADHD clinicians.  George Still Forum aims to bring these issues to the notice of the commissioners in the National Health Service.  

The details about the George Still Forum constitution can be found under the link: Constitution.